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Brandmode Retail is known as a ‘One Stop School Shop’. It retails and services directly to the school market customer essential apparel products. Our extensive range also includes school and sports footwear, eyewear, headwear and accessories.  Brandmode also retails the entire range of school uniforms and accessories for contracted schools from the Eastwood address and also from on-site school uniform stores.

Brandmode Retail has many benefits to the school customer as we are school specific all year round.  Our store is conveniently located in close proximity from the Adelaide’s CBD with free customer parking facilities at front and rear of store giving the most opportunity for customers to make their purchases when convenient, especially at the peak back to school time.

Our regular operating hours at brandmode retail: 

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 12.30pm

On-Site School Retail Shops.
Brandmode Retail offers an on-site retail service to schools who no longer wish to continue with the responsibility of ordering and stocking their school uniform.

Some of the reasons why schools are becoming more reliant on our type of retail business offering may include administration, ordering, stocking and the increasing difficulty to recruit volunteer staff to maintain their uniform outlets and to keep their uniform policies enforced.

Brandmode Retail (as sole supplier) ensures the full responsibility of retailing your schools uniforms to keep uniform policies enforced. Our web-site purchasing initiative also aids to give parents and caretakers another alternative to make their uniform purchases at anytime and at no cost to the school.

Call us now to speak to one of our sales staff on how brandmode can assist the school in the sales of the school uniform.


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